EPC Capabilities

BHEL HPVP is a supermarket for the Process Industries

      BHEL HPVP is the backbone of India’s process industries. Be it Steel or Fertilizer, Chemicals or Refineries, Petrochemicals or Oil & Gas Processing Systems, Nuclear or Defense or Space, BHEL HPVP plays a leading role, with a range of product comparable to the best in the world, manufactured on its own designs or to the specific designs of the customer’s consultant.

BHEL HPVP has manufactured various types of pressure vessels, columns, heat exchangers, storage vessels spheres etc. for a host of applications.

Pressure Vessels & Columns

From multilayer construction with design pressure of 332 Kg/sq. cm to simple low and medium pressure columns.

BHEL HPVP has manufactured Columns of length up to 90 meters and weight up to 450 M.T with a Pressure range form vacuum to 55 Kg/cm2. With the backup of experienced engineers and a host of heavy capacity cranes and other equipment, BHEL HPVP undertakes site fabrication and erection of heavy equipment of any size and weight.

The pressure vessel range includes Agitator Vessels, Jacketed Vessels and Autoclaves with limpet coils.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

From medium to high-pressure heat exchangers with test pressures as high as450 Kg/cm2 and temperatures ranging from- 65˚C to 900˚C.

Almost all types of tubular exchangers for practically every requirement in chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, refinery and heavy water plants have been fabricated and supplied.

Air Fin Coolers

Air fin coolers of forced draft type for refineries, petrochemicals, and fertilizers. Complete units with fans, driving systems, structural scheme, louvers and panelling are supplied by BHEL HPVP as a package.

Fired Heaters

BHEL HPVP has full-fledged collaboration with M/s ABB Lumus Heat Transfer for design manufacture, erection and commissioning of Fired Heaters. With the vast experience and expertise gained in design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of Fired Heaters, BHEL HPVP is now in apposition to take up total systems involving Heaters on Turnkey basis, encompassing Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation and Piping.

The capabilities of BHEL HPVP include following type of Heaters.

  • Crude and Vacuum Heaters
  • Coker Heaters
  • Visbreaker Heaters
  • Catalytic Reformer Heaters
  • Fired Reboilers for Refining Process
  • Steam super heaters
  • Hot oil Heaters
  • Charge Heaters
  • Recycle Heaters
  • Start up Heaters

Storage Spheres

BHEL HPVP manufactures Storage spheres of any size and thickness including low temperature service.BHEL HPVP also undertakes erection and site stress relieving of these spheres.

Transportation Tanks

BHEL HPVP manufactures rail or truck mounted transportation tanks of stainless steel and carbon steel including low temperature applications.

Deaerators and Feed Water Heaters

BHEL HPVP manufactures complete feed water heater systems including deaerators, HP heaters and LP heaters and steam condensers.

Paper & Pulp

BHEL HPVP manufactures Batch and continuous pulp digesters and multiple effect evaporation plants.

Column Internals

BHEL HPVP manufactures column internals like valve trays, bubble cap trays, sieve trays, etc.

Liquefied Gas Containers

BHEL HPVP manufactures Storage and transportation containers for LPG, Chlorine, Ammonia, etc.

System-oriented equipment for process plants on turnkey basis

Off/on-shore skid mounted package units like Separators, Glycol Dehydration Packages, Gas Collection Modules, etc., including site fabrication and commissioning.

Today, BHEL HPVP with its vast manufacturing capability can manufacture process equipment of almost any size. In addition, it has the requisite handling facilities – and being located at Visakhapatnam, has excellent port facilities for transporting large size vessels. In case of extra large equipment, which cannot be transported, BHEL HPVP undertakes site fabrication and erection.

Hydrocracker Reactors

BHEL HPVP has entered into technical back up agreement with NUOVOPIGNONE, ITALY for design, engineering, manufacture and supply of Hydrocracker Reactors.

NUOVOPIGNONE is one of the most qualified suppliers of heavy wall reactors for Hydro- cracking, Hydro treating and similar refinery applications.

With the above back up from NP, BHEL HPVP supplied 3 Nos Hydrocracker Reactors to Indian Oil Corporation for their 6 Million tons new grass root refinery at Panipat.

The Hydrocracker reactors are highly critical equipments in the Refinery. The reactors require heavy forgings with internal strip cladding. These are ASME U2 code stamped equipments.


BHEL HPVP entered into full-fledged collaboration with BHEL / CE for design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of Industrial Boilers for process and captive power. The technology obtained from CE, USA has been improvised to suit Indian fuels with the support of BHEL’s vast experience and continuous R&D effort. BHEL HPVP has fully absorbed the technology from BHEL.A large number of highly efficient Boilers from BHEL / CE are operating successfully all over the world. With this back up, BHEL HPVP has more than thirty such installations to its credit.

BHEL HPVP offers steam generators of capabilities up to 200 TPH in low, medium and high-pressure ranges with Superheat up to 540°C. These are offered in the following patented types:

  • VP package units, oil/gas fired.
  • VU-60 bottom supported, oil/gas fired.
  • VU-40 top supported, oil/gas/coal (PF) fired.
  • VU40S stoker fired.

The main features of these boilers are natural circulation, welded water-wall (membrane type), front/tangential firing, and forced/balanced draft, bi-drum, to meet varying process load demands. These are equipped with all modern features like:

  • FSSS (Furnace Safeguard & Supervisory System) or BMS (Burner Management System)
  • High Energy ARC Ignition (HEA)
  • UV/IR flame scanners
  • Microprocessor based auto control systems with DCS
  • Pollution monitoring instruments


The following equipments/systems are offered by BHEL HPVP along with boilers as a part of total service package.

  • Deaerators and feed water system with HP/LP heaters, feed water pumps with motors/turbine drives, control valves.
  • Main steam, feed water piping and other external piping
  • Water treatment plants
  • Coal and ash handling systems
  • Electrostatic precipitator/mechanical dust collector/bag filters
  • Oil storage, pumping and heating units.
  • Complete electrical requirement of the system.
  • Fire fighting system.
  • Integration of Boiler with steam turbo generators (STG)
  • Erection and commissioning of STGs.
  • Dynamic simulation of power plant.


BHEL HPVP has also the capability to design, manufacture, erect and commission WHRSG. BHEL HPVP executed 2 Nos 140 TPH WHRSG of dual pressure, forced circulation with auxiliary firing using LSHS/Gas for 2 Nos. Frame-VI GE USA Gas Turbine (30MS-ISO-rating each) located at IPCL, Vadodara. These Boilers are designed in collaboration with HCG Netherlands, a sub-licensee of GE, USA.

BHEL HPVP is also geared to handle Waste Heat Boilers from the exhaust gases of:

  • DG Sets
  • Kiln off gases in Sponge Iron Plants
  • Kiln off gases in Cement Plants

Cryogenic Plants and Equipment

BHEL HPVP branched off into the manufacture of Cryogenic equipment in 1971. The move was prompted by BHEL HPVP’s growing awareness that India’s process industries were hopelessly dependent on imports for all Cryogenic Equipment. In collaboration withL’ Air Liquide of France, BHEL HPVP ventured into this technology-intensive field. In just a few years, BHEL HPVP has left its mark. In 1982, in the face of fierce international competition, it bagged a prestigious contract from Vizag Steel Plant to meet the entire cryogenic need of the plant.

BHEL HPVP’s range of Cryogenic Equipment include:

Air Separation Units of capacities ranging from 50Nm3/hr up to 2200 TPD to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Nitrogen wash units for preparation of synthesis gas mixtures for the fertilizer units. Purge gas recovery units for separation of hydrogen from Purge gas of Ammonia plants using Naphtha or natural gas as feedstock. Storage tanks of horizontal and vertical designs starting from 500 liters up to 200,000 liters capacity to hold liquid oxygen, nitrogen & argon. Large field-erected cryogenic storage tanks of 200m3 to 10,000m3 capacity.

Behind the scene At the Super Market

BHEL HPVP has excellent manufacturing facilities. The BHEL HPVP factory at Visakhapatnam has a shop floor area of over 56,000sq. Mtrs. with capacity to handle unit loads up to 200 tonnes. An array of the latest equipment is at work on the shop floor, providing facilities for Material Preparation, Heat Treatment, Machining and Welding comparable to the best in the world. Masterminding BHEL HPVP’s manufacturing effort is its Engineering Division, manned by a team of talented professionals who are engaged in the design and detailed engineering of Process plants and equipment, Cryogenic plants and equipment and Industrial Boilers conforming to international codes such as ASME SECTION VIII DIVISION 1 & 2, AD MERKBLATTER, BS 5500, SNCT, ASME SECTION III AND DIN.