• Skoda Export, Czechoslovakia

Know-how for Process Plant Equipment

  • L'Air Liquide, France

Air and Gas Separation Plants up to 1000 TDP

  • Nooter Corporation, USA

Multi-Layer Vessel Technology

  • L'Air Liquide, France

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

  • Ecodyne, USA



  • KAMYR-AR, Sweden

Sulphate Cooking Plant for Paper & Pulp Industries

  • Delas Fance


  • L'Air Liquid, France

Air & Gas Seperation Plants - 2000 TPD

  • BSL, France

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tanks

  • HCG, The Netherlands

Vinasse Fired Boilers

  • ABB Lummus, The Netherlands

Heat Transfer Systems

  • Hahn & Clay, USA

Advanced Multi-Layer Vessels

  • BS & B, USA

Oil & Gas Processing Systems

Note: The above collaboration agreements were on long term basis and concluded.


  • Ecodyne, USA


  • Kamyr, Sweden

Continuous Sulphate Cooking Plants

  • KTI, USA

Gas Collection Modules


Large Space Simulation Chamber (LSSC)

  • BSL, France

Large Space Simulation Chamber (LSSC)

  • Haldor Topsoe, Denmark

Primary Reformer Package

  • Borsig, Germany

Waste Heat Recovery System

  • L'Air Liquide, Fance

Argon Recovery Unit from Purge Gas

  • Borsig, Germany

RG/CG Boiler

  • Borsig, Germany

Synthesis Loop Waste Heat Boiler

  • BS & B Engg. Co., USA

Desalter Plant

  • Nuvo Pignone, Italy

Hydro Cracker Reactor

  • Whessoe LGA, Germany
    (formerly Noell LGA)

LPG Storage and Handling System

  • Borsig, Germany


  • BSL, France

Ammonia Converter Baskets

  • Delas, France

HP Heaters and Steam Condensers

  • KTI, Germany

Ammonia Storage Terminal

  • Koerting Hannover, Germany
    (formerly Klockner)

Vacuum Ejector Systems**

Note:**MOU is live on Case to Case Basis.

ABB Lummus, USA, Thermal, Mechanical design and closer type of high pressure breach lock heat exchangers required for HCU of Refinery.

Present (case to case)

Nuovo  Pignone,  Italy    For  Design,  Engineering,  Manufacture and  Supply  of   Hydrocracker  Reactor for  Hydrocracker  Unit  (HCU)  in Refinery 

Hollandse  Construction  Group,  BV,  The  Netherlands    Waste  Heat  Recovery  Steam Generators  (WHRSG) 

WHESSO (NOELL) - LGA,  Germany  LPG  Import  Terminal Design,  Engineering,  Procurement and  Erection  of  Terminal. 

Korting,  Hannover,  Germany   Vacuum  Ejector System. 

KTI,  Germany,   Ammonia  Storage System  15000  MT 

EIL,  New Delhi, India,    Engineering  tie  up  for  Sulphur Recovery  Unit.

Delas  France   Group  GEC - Alsthom     Deaerators,  HP  and  LP  Feed Water  Heaters,  Surface Condensers. 


Concluded (case  to  case)   


BSB Engg. Co. Inc. USA    (Black, Sivalls Bryson) 

BSL  Industries,  France    Transfer  of  Manufacturing  Technology for  Ammonia  Converter  Baskets

Haldor  Topsoe  A/S,  Denmark    Primary  Reformer  Package 

KAMYR - AB,  Sweden    Continuous  Pulp Digester  Plants 

KTI,  Germany    Ammonia  Storage  System  15000 mt 



  1. Nooter  Corpn  USA;    known on design manufacture and supply of Multilayer Vessels. 
  1. Hahn & Clay Heavy Industries Houston, USA  for advanced Multilayered Technology for High Pressure Vessels. 

ABB-LHTS  (Lummus  Heat  Transfer  System),  The  Netherlands  Heat  Transfer  System  covering Fired  Heaters,  Breech  Lock  type  H.P. Heat   Exchanger,  Air  Cooled  Heat  Exchanger,  Lummus  Air  Cooled  Turbine Exhaust  Condensers,  Natural Draft  Dry  Cooling  System,  Shell  &  Tube Heat  Exchangers. 

Delas  France  Group  GEC -  Alsthom   Deaerators,  HP  and  LP  Feed Water  Heaters,  Surface Condensers 

Holland  Construction  Group  BV,  The  Netherlands    Vinasse  Fired  Boilers  upto  60 tph 

Combustion  Engineering,  USA  (through  BHEL)   Industrial  Boilers  upto  200 tph 

Borsig  (France)  and  Bignier - Schmid - Laurent  (France)   Cryogenics  Liquid  Storage  Tanks (large  capacity  from  200  to  10000 m3  field  erected  storage  tanks) 

Unitech  (Division  of  Ecodyne  Corporation)  USA   for  Multiple  Effect  Evaporation Plants 

L'Air  Liquide,  France  Basic  Process  know-how  upto 2200 tpd,  Air  &  Gas  Separation Plants,  Nitrogen  Wash  Plants and  Purge  Gas  Recovery  Units  for Hydrogen and Ammonia Recovery,  PSA  Systems,   Cryogenic  Storage  Systems 

L'Air  Liquide,  France    Cryogenic  Storage  Tanks